Winner of Tour De France 2018 – Geraint Thomas

August 6, 2018 0 By Simon

Despite the stiff competition, Geraint Thomas managed to be the first Welshman to be crowned as Tour de France champion.


Despite the stiff competition, Geraint Thomas managed to be the first Welshman to be crowned as Tour de France champion. According to Colin Lewis, a cycling veteran from Wales, Thomas’ win has opened doors for many Welsh cyclists. The Team Sky cyclist is hopeful that the Welsh Government’s talks with Giro d’Italia and Tour de France to host Grand Tour races in Wales will bear fruit; it will give many Team Sky cyclists a chance to develop their talents. There are plans to celebrate Geraint Thomas’ tour victory in Wales as the nation grows yellow for him. The cyclists created a remarkable record as the third rider from Britain to emerge victorious in the event. Thomas, who is aged 32, is looking forward to returning to Wales in a short while for his ‘homecoming’ celebrations.

What Led to the Success

Geraint Thomas was able to win the bike race due to Team Sky’s teamwork. The team’s captain, Luke Rowe, is said to be the unsung professional cyclist who helped Thomas to emerge victorious at Tour de France. Rowe who was nursing injuries after breaking his leg about a year ago is also believed to have helped the former Welsh champion, Chris Froome, during his victories in 2017, 2016, and 2015. The 28 years old captain is pivotal in the team.

Knowing Geraint Thomas Better

Geraint Howell Thomas who is a professional racing cyclist was born on May 1986. Over his racing careers, he has won two gold medals in the Olympics, one Tour de France, and three world championships. Thomas was born in Cardiff, Wales and started his racing pursuit at a tender age of 10.

Thomas studied at Whitchurch High School before joining British Cycling’s Academy where he started his career. Some of the races he has ever participated in include Tour of Britain where he got exposure. Some of the racing champions he is associated with include Froome and Wiggings who are the first two British to win at Tour de France.

What is next after the Big Win?

Thomas has about four months to decide his next course of action: whether to target the second Tour or take his bike riding prowess to one-day Classics or Giro d’Italia. On 25 August, Vuelta a Espana will be held in Malaga; some of Team Sky members will be unable to attend the race (including Thomas and Froome) as they will be resting after their the action-packed Tour de France attendance.

In Thomas’ home city, Cardiff, planning is currently being done to welcome back their champion. During a particular interview, he said that he would appreciate any reception that he would get at Cardiff. The cyclist who rose from humble beginnings further acknowledges his fans for their support on Twitter. The idea of going back at home thrills the award-winning cyclist as he earlier confessed during the interview.

Wales is eager to know about Geraint Thomas’ decision on whether he will participate in future bike races. The champion made Wales and United Kingdom very proud following his win. Thomas is thankful for the Team Sky for their teamwork which made him victorious at Tour de France.