From Splott Warehouse to Party Venue

September 6, 2018 0 By Simon

In a meeting held on Friday 31st August, Cardiff Council’s licensing sub-committee approved Live Nation’s application to hold events at the Splott warehouse.

Who are they?

Live Nation are international events promoters who are well-known in the music industry for organising festivals like Leeds, Reading, Download and Wireless. In the committee hearing, their president of UK touring, Sam Bush, said that they were also looking at other venues nearby. They believed there was a growing demand for music events in the Cardiff area which they wished to satisfy. Events would cover different tastes in music from pop to rock to family shows.


Under the terms of the council licence, Live Nation have been given permission to organise 6 annual events over 3 weekends of the year. Although they had asked for 10 events in their original application, this was reduced to 6 by the sub-committee. The licence also stipulates that there would have to be a minimum of 3 months between shows, and they would have to finish by midnight. Access would be restricted to over 16s only, and there would be a maximum capacity crowd of 9,999. Local police attached their own conditions to the licence approval. Not only would they hold an ‘absolute veto’ on any event held at the warehouse but sniffer dogs would be given free access to the venue during any concert.


Although Live Nation have been given the green light, approval for the licence was not without opposition, notably from the council’s Shared Regulatory Services. The neighbouring services officer, Stephanie Wathan, expressed their concerns about possible noise and disturbances which would affect both local residents and businesses. Apart from loud music, talking and shouting coming from inside the venue, she spoke about the potential noise levels of 10,000 people exiting the venue at exactly the same time late at night.

Noise Pollution

To address this issue, Cardiff’s sub-committee added a number of conditions to the licence which would limit noise pollution. They told Live Nation that speakers should be directed away from properties in the neighbourhood and that a noise consultant should be appointed for each event held at the warehouse venue.

Previous Uses of Splott Warehouse.

Splott warehouse has been used as a venue in the past for a variety of local events such as the Colour Festival which draws crowds every year to see well-known electronic and dance DJs. However, the involvement of an international promoter like Live Nation is on a totally different level of professionalism. It is an exciting time for music lovers in Cardiff.