Cardiff Doctor Turns Bad!

September 19, 2018 0 By Natasha Stewart


Doctors are held in such high esteem by the public. They are seen as the elite force of workers that literally save lives on a daily basis.This was no different for Cardiff doctor Angharad Roberts, who was a successful doctor, working at Abergavenny hospital for a number of years. After qualifying as a nurse back in 2002, Roberts would then go on to qualify and become a doctor through completing a medicine degree.


Roberts is said to have become quite successful in her time here, so it is a shock to many that someone could be held in such a high professional regard could then go tumbling out of control into a world of drink, drugs and subsequently, crime.

You may be asking yourself, how this could possibly happen? It is said by the courts that the doctor turned to drink after the relationship with her two children broke down and was the victim of domestic abuse, with her current partner of around three years, David Potham who is deemed to have played a large role in the doctors spiral out of control.

What Crimes? 

In terms of details of the crimes committed, the doctor and her partner are said to have committed and indeed been found guilty of two counts of burglary. The first of these, is the theft of around £312 of Cider from a bar in Cardiff in early August. This, presumably was used to carry on the drinking habits which were picked up and exacerbated by the loss of employment from her high profile career as a doctor. The next crime that the couple were found guilty of was the theft of personal belongings from a hotel room. The couple managed to steal a phone and wallet of a man staying in a hotel in Cardiff, a crime for which they were caught on CCTV for committing.

All of these most recent crimes are underpinned by the underlying drug problem developed by the doctor and her boyfriend. She had admitted to taking several drugs in what sounds like at certain times, whatever she could get her hands on, these included, heroin, valium and also, many others. In addition, these crimes were also committed whilst breaching a current suspended sentence directly relating drugs, with the doctor being enrolled and trying to take support from many groups.


In terms of sentencing, the boyfriend of the doctor was jailed for 876 days, however, the doctor herself, received a suspended sentence. The suspended sentence was given with great caution by the judge and there was a real feel of caution that was taken in not giving the doctor a prison sentence, which many people feel the crimes, considering the current suspended sentence, thoroughly deserved.

Despite all this, the judge still felt it could be possible for Angharad Roberts to turn her life around and finally get away from the drug problems. This very much felt like a last chance scenario for the doctor and one that could see her really turn her life around and even getting back to that high profile job as a doctor is a possibility.